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We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest website showcasing our high-end wood roofing expertise.

Wood Roofing Experts CT @ Donahuewoodroofing.com


On Donahuewoodroofing.com you will see the finest wood roofing pictures in Connecticut, New England, possibly the nicest collection of wood roofing pictures anywhere online.  Visit our Galleries Page and review some of our projects with insights.  As, we narrates each listing, we provide great detail on projects from Belle Haven Greenwich, to the Waterfront of Southport Connecticut.

Specializing in natural roofing materials, such as; Slate, Wood, Metal and Tile roofing systems.

We have a lot of information to share with the world, one website just wasn’t enough-

Slate & Copper Services – Tararoofingsystems.com
Wood Roofing Services – Donahuewoodroofing.com

Tararoofingsystems.com showcases our slate roofing work, slate repairs, Yankee gutters and historic roofing restorations.   Donahuewoodroofing.com showcases all our Wood Roofing projects, so homeowners like you can get the full picture.  We provide detailed information throughout the websites, in order to better help homeowners like you make an informed decision.  Remember- our prices are in line with the local market, it’s our service that cannot be easily matched.

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