Wood Roof Replacement, New Canaan, CT

Wood Roof Replacement, New Canaan, CT

Wood Roof replacement in New Canaan, ct is required on many aging homes not only in New Canaan, Greenwich, Darien but throughout Fairfield County Connecticut. Traveling through New Canaan you will see many older homes with cedar shakes bucking, lifting and warping. These are sings of a worn out cedar wood roof. When you see signs of ware-and-tare on 40-year-old house, it makes sense, time for a wood roof replacement. When you see the same signs in a newly built house less than 6 years old, this means you’re looking at a roof that has failed prematurely.

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Homeowners in the research process, trying to locate wood roofing contractors in New Canaan, CT are in luck.  We are here to provide all New Canaan home and business owners proper recommendations for all wood roof repair and replacements. Hundreds of our past clients will testify, when trying to repair a tricky roofing leak we always have the homeowners best interest in mind. Locating tricky leaks on cedar wood roofs can be quite a challenge for average roofing contractors, but is TRS has been solving the most challenging wood roofing leaks for decades. Our service goes well beyond the ability to repair or replacing your wood roof.  We spend time educating our clients (like you) about Root Cause of any and all problematic wood roof leaks.  When we provide a detailed plan of action, we are utilizing decades of experience working on wood replacements for the finest homes in New Canaan, CT.

Wood Roof Replacement,

Wood Roof Replacement, New Copper Flashing & Gutters –New Canaan, CT

As a homeowner you should always educate yourself as must as possible about cedar shake roofing so that you can make the best, most informed, investment decision about your cedar roof but internet research only takes you so far. When you are ready to meet the top roofing professional, whom has been working for the most demanding homeowners throughout New Canaan over 20 years, contact us. slatecopperroofs@gmail.com

Worse than consistent premature failure among young roofs is the new Crack Sealing/ Coating Process, being sold to the many homeowners. This practice is completely wrong as wood roofs should not be coated or sealed ever under any circumstance!

Contact us and learn why so many cedar roofs are failing in New Canaan, Westport, Southport, Darien, Wilton, Weston and Greenwich.