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Also known as built-in or integral gutters, Yankee gutters are a drainage systems used in many fine homes and historic public buildings dating back to the 18th century.  Rather than the exposed metal gutter systems that are commonly employed with contemporary buildings, Yankee gutters are incorporated into the cornice structure along the roof-line and thus were extremely durable, able to withstand the worst New England weather.   Many built-in gutter systems are not easily visible from the outside, and a necessity for new elaborate building designs.

Yankee Gutters are found on the finest homes throughout Connecticut, and tend to last for around 100-150 years.  An amazing test of time.   However, being it’s 2013 and many homes in Connecticut with yankee gutters were built over 100 years ago, there are many repairs and replacements needed throughout our area.

Slate and Copper Services llc, is proud to be one of a few roofing companies in New England fixing, preserving and replacing yankee gutters.  This takes 100% hands on, custom work and no short cuts exist.


Commonly Yankee or “built in gutters” employed a combination of wood and metal to construct the body of the system. Wood was used as an external element to construct the shell for the gutters, while sheets of metal were used to line the interior. The gutters usually made use of a sloped bottom to help expedite the flow of water through the gutter. While various metals were used for the interior lining, copper emerged during the 19th century as a favored option and still is today.

Built-in Yankee gutter are very efficient, and built in gutters do not require frequent repairs. Semi regular inspection of the metal liner is one of the best ways to prolong the life of the gutters, as the metal helps to protect the wood box from mildew and moisture. Signs that there is likely some damage to repair includes paint peeling off the facing of the gutter, darkened sections of the wood that is moist to the touch, or damage to the masonry surrounding the gutter system. Heavy ice and snow build ups can fill yankee gutters, but if property installed, ice & water protection should meet even the most extreme New England weather.

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