Slate Roofing CT

Slate Roofing CT

New slate roofing installations is one thing, but repair jobs are an entirely different monster and should only be left to proven slate roofing professionals in CT.

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WARNING- Many roofers advertise slate roofing repair services, be aware, most “roofers” today don’t even use the correct hammer.  If a roofer doesn’t even know what hammer to use, you can bet your bottom dollar you overpaid for a slate roof repair, and have more leaks and headaches coming in the future.  Conventional roofers are NOT qualified to perform complicated repairs on slate roofs, only trained, qualified proven companies should be attempting slate roof repairs.   Think of it this way, would you want your family doctor to perform heart surgery, or a doctor with experience and specializes in cardiology?   Even tho they are both licensed doctors, 0ne does a lot of little things, the other specializes in one specific area.   We specialize in high-end slate roofs located on fine homes and buildings throughout Connecticut and New England.




Slate Roofing CT – The Warning

WARNING – DON’T FALL FOR ADVERTISEMENTS, most roofing companies that advertise slate roofing services do so just to get incoming phone calls, after which a salesmen visits your home and then will try to convince you the slate roof is beyond repair and will try to sell you a new ugly asphalt roof.  Sad, almost NO slate roof is beyond repair.  We have been in business for 35 years and have hundreds of homes thorough New Haven county fully restored to their original glory.   Please feel free to give us a call and we will set up a personal guided tour throughout Lower Fairfield County and, or  New Haven/Hamden/Woodbrdige to see our workmanship first hand.

Don’t call a roofer when you need a slate repair.   Contact Slate and Copper Experts.


Slate Roofing CT,  Double Pay Warning

Question?-  Are you the kind of person that likes paying more than once for the same job??

Sadly 20-30% of our total business is fixing other companies slate roofing repair attempts.   Half of these jobs come from homeowners than got bids from us originally, then went with a cheaper alternative got low workmanship and were forced to call us years later to repair the same situation we bid on originally.  Our prices on slate roofing ARE NOT the lowest you will find, because we cannot offer both the lowest prices and top quality workmanship it’s simply Not possible.  We do things correctly, the first time, we use thicker copper, more durable strap hangers, we double up on water proofing where most companies offer the bare minimum. 

You cannot have top quality and the lowest slate roofing prices, it’s just not possible on an extremely challenging and time-consuming slate repairs.  Would you rather waste smaller investments with 1, 2 or more companies on the same repair, and experience months or years of headaches, leaks further damage to your home and lawsuits?  Or, would you rather call us and get the tricky slate repair correctly the first time?   The choice is yours.   If have never, ever once let one homeowner down on a slate roof repair over the last 35 years of business.

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