Custom Coppersmith CT

Custom Coppersmith CT


Copper smiths are experts in copper.  Copper is versatile and often-used metal for roofing systems since copper doesn’t’ rust.  Copper doesn’t rust, has antibiotic properties and ages beautifully, this is why so many of our high-end clients are looking towards custom copper for outdoor projects such as bar tops, patio railings, and barbecue areas.

Our coppersmiths can shape and sculpt rolls of copper into any configuration our demanding clients request.

The modern Coppersmith’s shop is a mix of classic and new technology.  While we fabricate to specifications produced on a computer, we rely on hammers, brazing torches, and other hand tools to achieve the desired effect.  Custom coppersmith work is not for homeowners with a light wallet, custom coppersmith work is charged by Time & Material and is calculated with the size and scope of the installation in mind.

Custom Copper System For: New York, NYC, Mass,
Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, New Haven, Hamden, Woodbridge, Stamford- Connecticut.

We’re try not trying to be over confident, we’re trying to showcase our ability in a very small niche.  In our humble opinion, it would be a challenge finding better copper smith workmanship anywhere in the North East.

Copper Wall

Custom Copper Wall Cladding– Sempra Energy Trading– Stamford, CT

We bring decades of experience,  using only hand tools alone turns copper weather proofing systems into works of art.  Others can only scratch solder the surface.


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