Tile Roofing

High-end Tile Roofing Services

Slate and Copper Services also offers high-end Tile roofing in.

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clay tile roof

Clay Tile Roof Repairs– Fairfield, CT

tile roof

Ludowici Tile Roof Restoration, Valley Flashing Replacement– Greenwich, CT

tile roof

Ludowici Clay Tile Roof Repairs, Copper Gutters– Darien, CT


As you can see, Slate and Copper Services is also an expert in terracotta roofs.

We want the opportunity to install your new tile roof, but if your home was built long ago, consider our award winning maintenance & warranty programs.   A healthy roof equates to a long lasting and healthy home and protected from leaks & moisture.

If you have issues now and need a repair on your tile roof, invite us down for a visit.  We will first find the root cause of the leak or moisture issue, no matter how tricky or complex the roofing system.  Offer a solution and when we fix the root cause we prevent future issues from every coming back again.

“We don’t patch leaks with tar or use any other “quick fix solutions” we are only interested in working for owners of fine homes that want to only to fix a probolmatic leak, the right way the first time.    Adding value & beauty to the home by repairing the problem the correct way and restoring your home to it’s original condition, that’s the way we do business. SD-